Accounting services

  • Bookkeeping accounting services of all categories for companies and organizations
  • Specialized accounting work (management audits, company valuations, process audits)
  • Specialized tax work (tax planning for individuals & legal entities)
  • Opinions on specialized tax, commercial, labor and insurance legislation
  • Advice on business organization and management
  • Recommendations - Conversions - Merges of Companies
  • Economic studies & Business plans
  • Accounting tasks of organization, maintenance, supervision of accounting offices
  • Organization and monitoring of costing work
  • Payroll management

Our experienced executives advise and guide you, based on the current legislative tax provisions, on the form of the company that is best for you to establish, based on your personal needs and capabilities, with the aim of the best operation of the business that will yield the maximum possible benefits.

Tax planning


Organization and supervision of accounts

  • with our own experienced & specialized staff
  • by overseeing and reorganizing your own accounting
  • with internal controls

Our company with experienced partners in the field of computerization, appreciating the specificity and needs of your business, undertakes its computerization with the most flexible and modern programs that meet the demands of the market.

Business computerization


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to analyse and assess your business needs

We have the knowledge, experience and ability to design reliable, highly efficient solutions that fully meet your requirements.

Οικονομικό Κέντρο Χαλκιδικής


Halkidiki Financial Center
Kampanis G. Vassilios Anestidou-Kampani Athanasia General partnership.


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